what kind of new stuff excites me?

19 biases

i love products.

when i buy them i get happy and feel better.

some of them even do something – like toilet paper and food.

but i really do not get much excited about them.

the new stuff that excites me is when global society eradicates a bias.

i mean, there is really nothing more important than getting rid of a bias.

the reason one i would not want to live 20, 50, 100, or 1,000 years ago is how everything was dominated by biases.

in simpler terms, the further we go back in history, the more crazy global society is.

and today maybe it is only 95% crazy and 5% rational.

so when i think about travel to mars, new computers and cars, ai, and such stuff, i think it is ok, but we are not really moving forward.

if united nations, or any other organization which takes responsibility to make a global society better, would make a list of all biases and get rid of them, one by one in next few thousand years, i think we would be going in a good direction.

we would be getting better, as a society of humans.

the products, and such stuff, are a distraction, nice one, but a distraction.

to start, read a list of biases and progress the society by getting rid of your own biases.

see list here.

which scott mtb do i prefer?


i tried riding scott scale, spark, genius, and gambler.

scale is too hard.

genius is too slow uphill, and more for cruising and jumping.

gambler makes sense only if i have a ski lift.

spark is a perfect bike for what i do:

– short rides in a local park;

– small jumps and easy downhills;

– short and steep uphills;

– local 2 hour marathons or xc races;

– weekend 2h easy rides.

i was considering genius, but it does not support the reality of my daily routine.

enduro seems romantic, kind of like surfing, so getting closer to that lifestyle by buying a product is appealing.

but most of my rides are approx. 1 h without big challenges for which genius is designed.

and genius will make me lazy on the fitness side.

i will stick to spark maybe also as a reminder of my fitness addiction from few years ago.

and it still allows me be a bit of an explorer.

mtb vs surfing

mud and pain VS sunshine and smiles

jacques derrida explains feelings when causing change

jacques derrida

see video of jacques derrida explaining how he feels knowing he causes change.

right to privacy is a right not to be collateral damage in someone else’s fight

james bond

snowden was quoted saying:

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say”

this is not a relevant argument which talks about the true nature of extracting and interpreting information from masses.

snowden is giving way too much credit to governments, supporting an illusion government leadership and staff know what they are doing.

the truth is most likely opposite:

the truth is that we should be afraid of being a collateral damage in a conflict we have nothing to do with.

we should protect our privacy so government staff does not hurt us by error and in unjustified prejudice.

governments have a long history of extreme bias and prejudice, generalizing, not being diligently check before they act, and over-reacting.

they are not examples of organizations which make reasonable decisions based on interpreting data.

most governments operate under the pressure of short terms and seek quick results, which are not possible.

i really do not want some eager spy wannabe 10 years younger than me, who did not experience life in the same way i did, reading my emails, and blacklisting me.

anyone who has done a visa interview can probably relate.

protecting your privacy is not about hiding secrets, but hiding your everyday thoughts from prejudiced people.

the day i get an email from a spy saying “i find your views on freedom interesting, and, if you agree, i will forward them to our change department” will be the day i might start to feel safe about someone reading my emails.

until that day, i am seriously afraid of trigger happy spies with high tech toys.

i do believe we need protection from an those weird people who want to blow up stuff to get attention, especially in era when a good physics student can build a nuclear weapon, but i do not want to be a collateral damage.

when i think of spies, in spite of all the propaganda like zero dark thirty, i do not think of james bond, but of this.