nerf kicks ass

al pacino scarface nerf

my name is nikola, i am 36 and just got my first nerf gun.

i have an urge to hide, wait, and shoot people in the face, and laugh.

please help.

see movie characters with nerf guns here.

one of my favorite bloggers: george martorano

george martorano

ages ago i got hooked on blogging.

i saw it as really an awesome thing a person can do.

very liberating and empowering.

since then i helped few people blog.

one of my favorites is definitely george martorano.

first few years of blogging george would write and mail letters from jail to

his friend john flahive who would retype them as blog posts.

very proud to see george’s blogging mentioned in philadelphia magazine.

fun with coaching people for weightloss

six pack weight loss funny

i am coaching two friends/athletes/clients for weightloss.

they both burned some 20-25 kg already.

now that they lost weight, i really like when i see them wearing old clothes.

sometimes they want to rush it and wear a shirt for which they need to loose extra few kilos more.

step by step.

great thing about getting fat is loosing it.

you really feel awesome once you get rid of the weight.

l7 pretend we’re dead & shitlist


somehow sometime somewhere i discovered l7 and their two songs:


pretend we’re dead