buy me a gift for my 37th birthday


my 37th birthday is on monday 29 dec 2014.

i really love my birthday and i love getting birthday gifts.

if you plan to buy me a birthday gift, here are some suggestions:

lego – it is a great way for me to connect to kids and relax; email gift card – so i can fuel those impulse kindle buys;

assos – anything from assos factory outlet is fine;

red wine – i have to drink it for health reasons;

or just give me cash.

thank you.

it is change in dna that makes you stronger

i have guessed before, from my personal progress and progress of athletes i coached,

that fitness and strength improvement is not as simple as energy deficit and other popular ideas,

but that it is about programming your body on cell level to change.

this idea allowed me try to discover counter-intuitive training methods.

by try i mean, to accept what two coaches i was exposed to, ole and aleksandar, told me works.

by counter-intuitive i mean that for a 10 hour race you do not need to do 6 hour workouts.

now i am very happy research officially confirms my and other coache’s intuition.

that it is not so much about replicating the situation, but about programming your body.

read the full article about research results here.

it will take a lot of time for sports science to reach maximum efficiency in training.

but i feel very happy to have seen its progress in my time, from mid 90s till now.

award for world’s biggest micromanager goes to: kazuo hirai

kazuo hirai

award for world’s biggest micromanager goes to: kazuo hirai.

kazuo hirai is ceo and president of all of sony.

sony has 140,000 employees and makes a lot of stuff like tvs, computers, mobiles, and movies.

kazuo somehow still managed to get himself involved in editing movie scenes.

see bloomberg article here.

how to get the most out of your workout

many have problems getting the training intensity high enough to progress.

here are few suggestions:

1) get chased by a bear, like in above video. 3 x 2 mins bear chase with 3 min rest is a good workout.

2) run your 5 km tempo in south african township at sunset chasing runners who are 2 mins faster than you;

3) do a swim race in white shark infested waters and suddenly find yourself all alone in the lead.

i heard of a guy who shaved off 2 mins of 5 km pb (to 17 something) doing the workout 2.

be creative with your training :)

neil degrasse tyson did not really get interstellar tidal waves in cbs interview

in this cbs interview 3:05 neil degrasse tyson presents his explanation of interstellar planet tidal waves.

it is my impression that he neglected that one hour on this planet is multiple years in “normal” time.

this would explain why tidle waves appear as spikes.