draw me like one of your french girls

draw me like one of your french girls

brett sutton, larry nassar, kevin spacey, harvey weinstein

brett sutton

what do brett sutton, larry nassar, kevin spacey, harvey weinstein have in common?

they sexually abused those who were weaker than them.

what do they do NOT have in common?

larry nassar, kevin spacey, harvey weinstein have been criticized by the society and suffer its judgement.

brett sutton is not. sutton is respected.

brett sutton is not only a failure of the global triathlon community but of the australian judiciary system and journalism which decided, allowed, and supported his freedom and consequent career.

boxing match: austin lee vs nikola tosic

why metaphor beats realism

2001 a space odyssey






metaphor beats realism because it allows the audience to connect to the material with their own feeling and experience, while realism narrows down the possibility of the connection to a minimum.

cristopher nolan is a technician and he wanted to solve the black hole technically, which is an error.

stanley kubrick solved the wormhole travel metaphorically and emotionally which allowed us to connect to it in our own way.

stanley knew when to be a technician and when to be an artist.

artist uses metaphors and technician uses realism.

at the end a painting of rothko will communicate more than an instagram photo of a breakfast, no matter how good the breakfast is.

my first standup in the pit underground, nyc

i did my first standup at the pit underground in nyc on sunday 11 june 2017.

i checked out an improv and comedy sessions the night before and realize my material was useless. also none of the uber drivers reacted to my tests the week before. i seem to have missed the concept of a punchline. so i rewrote the whole material on sunday 11th and learned it while walking around. it worked out ok.

thank you irena, rafael, stefan, and stefan’s friend for support.

next stop: i hope they cast me in beverly hills cop remake.