nikola tosic speaks up

nikola tosic

i just saw that tim cook publicly acknowledged that he is gay.

following his example i wish to publicly acknowledge that i am heterosexual.

i’m proud to be heterosexual, and I consider being heterosexual among the greatest gifts i have.

this 30 october seem to be the day for people to express their sexual preference.

i can not really see why anyone would care about sexual preference,

but since it seems to be a fashion, i do not mind sharing.

so, there you go, i am heterosexual.

movies to expect in next 50 years (batman and aliens for example)

batman and aliens

movies to expect in next 50 years:

– weird franchise mixes: vampire batman & vampire aliens

– lots of sequels more often for nerdy audiences: 2 animated brothers fritz movies per year for 5 years

– biographies of really weird people: the life of sasha gray in 5 sequels

overall, two main trends in movie content design will occur:

– much more niche content, just as what happened with books;

– stories are immediately designed to be expanded over MANY movies.

i just discovered a smr

i just discovered a smr.

i hate how effective this is on me :)

twin peaks will be back in 2016

twin peaks is a show i grew up with.

few weeks ago i watched all twin peaks episodes again, in few days.

my favorite ones are first and last one, directed by david lynch.

i feel sorry that agent cooper was lost, but i know that is how it must be.

that end episode is amazing.

now that lynch and frost will continue telling the story, i wonder how they will continue it.

french pop mix 1