10 x 200m up a hill… 16 years later

graeme stewart jen hill running

when i was 16 i started running track and eventually triathlon.

i was one of the first runners here who got polar heart rate monitors.

back then polar did not have buttons or different displays – only heart rate was displayed.

i still needed a separate stopwatch.

i remember one session, maybe 16 years ago, in topĨider – 10 x 200m.

i got my heart rate up to 212 bpm.

today i did the same session in exactly the same place.

but with garmin and i did not measure my heart rate.

i guess i should say: i have come the full circle.

16 years of running.

same place, probably same speed and probably 20 bpm less.

the photo is of graeme and jen running in scotland.

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