100km for pavle - quick report

nikola tosic 100km for pavle

i woke up yesterday and saw that sunday will be rainy. made a quick decision to just pack in 20mins, go to the supermarket, buy a lot of coke and candy, and just go to the track and do the run.

i started at 8:30 and finished 11 hours 48 minutes later.

i was in pain after 15km already. problems i had during the run are simply because i am just totally untrained.

the whole attempt is extremely stupid when it comes to running, but it was a personal thing and just wanted to do it.

what is most important is that we raised some 500 eur pavle which means a lot to his family (you can still donate).

i wish to thank everybody who donated money and everybody who helped me and kept me company yesterday.

i finished the last lap running with my girlfriend martina.

it was a special personal experience to do something as senseless as this.

more detailed report will follow.

thank you.

ps i am aware this result is insignificant. i have met people like bruce fordyce and vladimir kotov in past years and i know what a real ultrarunner is about. i also know what i was able to do when i was fit. this result is simply a joke and a monument to laziness to train. however, for my friends who are competitive athletes, try to see this run as not an athletic attempt but a personal experience which has nothing to do with sports. this 100km run has nothing to do with ultrarunning, has nothing to do with sports. only by accident it is based on running which also is part of sports. hope this is makes sense.