a friend of mine is homosexual

i know homosexuals, they are my friends and colleagues, however all of them i met as homosexuals. i was never in a situation when i knew someone as heterosexual and only later learned he is homosexual.

yesterday a friend sent me a long email. i was not able to read his email – i had a massage, 4 hour business meeting , and a indoor cycling training session in my garage. in the mean time he emailed me again asking why i am not answering, if i am shocked by his email. it seamed strange that he is asking me this so it stayed in my mind i should read his email.

when i read it, somewhere in the middle, he said he was gay. at first it was a surprise but not a big one. it is strange to read it since i would have never guessed it, but also it is strange for me that he emails it to me. i mean, i really do not care what his sexual preference is.

i do not go around telling people i have sex with sheep. not that i am into bestiality but even if i was why would it be important to tell my friends about it, unless there is some kind of particular discussion related to it.

it is as important as me calling some friend and telling him: hey i wipe my ass with my right hand, did you get that, its my right hand, not my left hand.

this is why i was surprised but i could understand his anxiousness weather i was shocked. i was not shocked at all but still made an effort to write an email and comment on his “coming out of closet” and also answered a bunch of other things he spoke about in the email. than i made a phone call just to check if he got my email. i thought he might be anxious at work as he might not be able to get my reply so i wanted to chat to him a bit.

overall his homosexuality was totally a boring subject for both of us. we mostly spoke about other stuff like running and blogging.

i am not trying to emphasize how whatever i am about the whole homosexuality thing. i am really just describing how it was. i think its totally boring that people place so much importance of how people have sex. i don’t get it and i never will. to me its like getting excited about the colors of ties or if someone takes a shower in the morning or in the evening.

i however have a big problem with smokers. whenever i see people smoking to me they look as if they are wiping a pile of shit over their face and pretending to enjoy. smoking is super annoying and very disturbing.