a report on 39 years of life


– approx. half of my conscious life has passed
– 23 years since i started working
– i hope i will work for another 36 years, at least
– i have 3 kids: son, step-son, and step-daughter
– i will be a father for another 16 years (i hope my kids can move out at 18)
– i visited almost everywhere i wanted
– if i die today, i do not feel i missed anything

left to do before I die

– maybe one more kid
– i hope BEMapps.com reaches it goal to helping people have more business success
– make a project which helps people manage fitness
– make a poetry project which changes the minds of a really large audience

all three projects (business, fitness, poetry) are aiming to change the perspective of millions.
i hope i complete these three projects before i die.