accepting that we can hurt

it is very hard to accept that we do hurt others, that we are all bad.

mind is weak, it always wants to please us, to make us look nice to ourselves.

it hardly ever accepts that we can be nasty to someone.

it takes a great deal of objectivity to accept that we actually did hurt someone.

when i told some people how obviously they have hurt me, they would still blame it on me.

also, when others told me i have hurt them, i again blamed it on them.

it is tricky.

i am sure you can easily find murderers who blame their victims for their own crime.

some kind of projection of blame or something?

hurting others and being aggressive is part of being a human.

i guess one should accept it but not be ok with it?

maybe accepting it is a good way to start controlling it?

surely if it is ignored no change will happen, there will just be more aggression.

delusions must be protected by aggression and aggression is fueled by fear of reality.

this is quite basic stuff.

is it possible to never hurt anyone? probably not.

humans have a tendency to try to be surrounded by as many humans as possible – we like crowds.

also we like to talk, and we talk all the time. it is impossible not to hurt anyone.

it should be a sport to figure out when we hurt someone and understand it.

such exercise could make us better?