anastasia ashley sexy dance

thanks to gavin’s tweet i discovered above video.

it features female professional surfer anastasia ashleigh warmup routine, which is quite sexual.

by “quite sexual” i mean that this seems to me like a dance done in cheap strip clubs.

this kind of stuff to me is incredibly boring.


well if i have a need to see porn,

then there is a whole multi billion industry dedicated to satisfying that need.

if i want to see athletes perform in sports,

then i watch sports.

watching anastasia ashleigh doing the sexy dance,

is same as suddenly watching sports competition in the middle of a soft porn flick.

its not the kind of a surprising mix i appreciate.

i believe some combinations of content work out ok, like when sports illustrated combines sexy and sports.

but that works for media brands, not individuals.

as a consumer of sports entertainment, and also a sponsor of female athletes, when i see this i think 2 things:

1) huge need for attention

2) really bad agent (or no supervision or advisory at all)

i guess the more tv coverage sports has, the more we have to suffer watching this kind of attention calls.

teens showing their bodies, crazy masked guys running next to cyclists, streakers etc…

no matter how much nonsense there is, the reality of sports will always remain the same:

people watch sports for performance.

if they want something else they will watch something else.

put anything which is not performance inside sports, and you only piss people off.

if you do not understand this, then try to put sexy dance inside a stock ticker, and you will get my point.