attack of the 50 foot woman

attack of the 50 foot woman

just finished watching attack of the 50 foot woman movie, 1958 version, ( this morning and i enjoyed it so much. if you are thinking that this movie is crap just because of a weird title – well – you are right. by many standards it is crap. just as cape town century city canal walk shopping mall is crap, or nike air max is crap or million other bizarre products that are absolute useless kitsch. however all this crap creates a strange feel-good nostalgic emotion, it stimulates an amazing amount of serotonin excretion. thanks to this kitsch and cult crap will always be on the top of my aesthetics list.

obviously a discussion about this movie is a discussion in aesthetics. why would i, or anyone, enjoy the attack of the 50 foot woman.

i own the ed wood ( collection for a long time and his movies are actually super boring and can not come close to what attack of the 50 foot woman achieves. ed wood obviously misses the target, does not achieve that bad but cool thing. i mean – whenever he needs to fill up few minutes of a film he adds his amateur porn footage but cuts it off before the clothes are off – that’s quite boring.

so although at the first glance plan 9 from outer space ( and attack of the 50 foot woman can seem like the same quality of films they are worlds apart. i am not talking only about the cheesy special effects but the strange overall feeling.

i can not explain it. you have to see the movie yourself and email me your impressions.

i really enjoyed it and wish i could spend the rest of my life watching movies like this, visiting cheesy african over-the-top shopping malls and wear outrageously useless and colorful nike air max from mid 1990s.