avia + conrad stoltz = avi stoltz

avia avi stoltz conrad stoltz triathlon trail running shoe

conrad stoltz, three time xterra triathlon world champion, friend of mine, and a member of my nekada.com triathlon team, has just gotten a super cool deal from avia, the running shoe company (avia.com): they made a shoe with his name.

this is super cool. i mean – the only other guy who got a shoe that i know about is michael jordan. also this is a really cool shoe. it is a shoe focused on trail running.

conrad is super happy about it. of course he is!

as i understood he also insisted that they made the show in south african colors – conrad is south african. super cool!

anyway, nice work… check out the shoe, maybe it is cool as a fashion accessory as well. i will see if i can get it to try it.

conrad is also super modest guy. he is getting close to 20 years of triathlon pro racing. i think, at this moment, he is the most experienced triathlete around. there is no one with more pro racing under his belt (funny phrase) than him. it is great to pick up inspiration and knowledge from a guy like that.

it is cool that a company like avia is taking athletes seriously. i like to see a running shoe company which is not in the clouds. the whole nike business is so pressuring most of the times. the pressure of their size is annoying probably to them and to everybody else – to be so big. it is nice to see “smaller” companies (avia is still quite big) that do cool stuff in their own way.