awesome race kit by miltos for conrad

miltos manetas nikola tosic

Conrad Stoltz Nikola Tosic

Gary Mandy

conrad stoltz is a champion triathlete, a master of his trade, guy who can only win.

gary mandy is a pilot who makes everything custom, its how things should be, in middle ages only rich had custom, than came the 80s when we all had mass produced stuff, and now gary is making it mass custom, its the new thing.

miltos manetas, is a guy whom we will study for next 350 years probably. it is to early to figure out what he is about now but i have a feeling there is something there.

conrad is racing xterra world championship in few weeks in maui, and gary sponsors him with race kits, so i asked miltos to come up with a design.

miltos made an awesome design based on his best design application i have seen.

check out conrad’s impressions and my behind the scenes story.

i am so very happy about this one.

thank you!