barak obama - change is power and power is dangerous

barak obama change hope

barak obama‘s slogan is change. his marketing is super effective so many people, in us and everywhere in the world, believe that for change to happen he needs to win. people are starving for change after george bush and barak’s marketing team is playing on this insecurity perfectly.

the problem with this message, this campaign, is that it is a trick. it puts people in a position in which they expect some strange far away person, barak obama, to create change for them. change should come from each individual not from some face on tv. change is about individual change, not about some global change.

also expecting one person to change so much means that you have given this person enormous power. no one person should have this power because one person can never be so wise to make the right choices.

unfortunatelly human mind is designed to react to this kind of stimuli, masses (us) need one person, one leader, to tell them what to do. we also need hope and change and if these two are combined and presented in a proper way they are a winning campaign. now, after 8 years of george bush, is the perfect for this kind of campaign and masses are reacting to it.

but obama, in theory, is doing exactly what stops change and development – he is centralizing power onto himself. this is not a surprise because, after all, he is running for usa president position and this is a position of power, not blah blah social philosophy. no one wants to be a president so they can make a better world, but because they want to control stuff and sell that control. simple as that.

i am very nihilist about these politicians. i would not use the word nihilist but i can imagine it seems that way because most readers get super emotional about politics and stuff that i write about is very anti-hype. it is not nihilism or negativity, it is just how it is.

obama has good marketing, he wants power, and thats the business of politics. nothing else to it. if you want change than maybe shave yourself, change the caffe where you have your coffee, join a sports club, stop eating meat (or start eating meat), quit your job and move to some strange place and start over, fall in love, start an internet business (and pay me to tell you how to run it), get a pet, do some charity work, whatever… as long as you do it by yourself on your own terms, as long as you do not wait for some politician to do it for you.