benjamin pothier's vandalism

benjamin pothier sent me this video over facebook just now. is his personal website.

he is very proud of it.

i think it’s just stupid. i think going to any place for which people spend money and time to create and doing something aggressive which is clearly not appreciated makes little sense to me. there is enough things an artist can do in the world besides promoting his own website on someone else’s works.

i doubt benjamin would like if someone would hack his website or carspray his car.

need for attention with people like this is dangerous, today its stickers and if they do not get enough attention to satisfy their craving who knows whats next.

a very bad example for others as well, especially younger ones.

benjamin, what you did is vandalism, its boring and its stupid, very bad taste.

if you want to be have your 5 mins on tv than try doing something useful.