bravo ashleigh pasio, graeme stewart, and patrick seitter

today i was in the gym with my garmin.

my garmin still has my last serious sports attempt – 100km track run from december 2011.

i was showing it to other gym people, like some desperate veteran trying to prove i was not always so fat and slow.

luckily some friends did not stop working out as i did.


ashleigh pasio

ashleigh pasio placed 9th in women’s giro.


graeme stewart

graeme stewart won celtman, after not starting last year due to broken arm.

(graeme how could you broke your arm in a running fall???)


patrick seitter

patrick seitter really enjoyed xterra france.

i have to brag i coached him a bit, although he knows more than me about training.


bravo to ash, graeme, and patrick.

you guys ROCK!