breaking the national ironman record

i have set the new national ironman record therefore i am the fastest ever serb on ironman distance. it is true but it is also a joke, to me at least. the record is slow compared to what pro ironmen do. it still did require a lot of work and is no joke to do 9:33 in an ironman but i still feel a bit like shit.

i do not like that i was in a race with so many cheaters, as ironman austria is really a piece of shit race: they allow open cheating. i have been passed by fucking hundreds of guys cycling in tour de france style groups and i have never seen anyone get a penalty. and penalty itself was reduced to only 4 mins so it would not even make much difference since some guys gain like 20mins by drafting. its like saying that if you steal million dollars you have to pay 5 dollar fine. stupid!

i have also been amazed by the amount of fucking euro yuppies with their 10.000 euro bikes and excess fat and immoral ideas about sport (guten tag, let’s cheat together). german, austrian and swiss doctors and lawyers and smb owners seem to unite when it comes to cheating in sports.


idea of sports is that we all compete under same rules – thats the definition of a sport. if you make a race and you write rules on the website that drafting is illegal and suddenly in the race everyone is drafting and they are not like beaten up or shot or something, than i do not get it, this is not a sport. it is more like some kind of disneyland for rich assholes. instead of going to bangkog and having sex with teenage boys they usually do they come to ironman austria and cheat.

yeah i am fucking bitter. fuck you yuppies and fuck you cheaters.

i would know i would die of cancer in a week i would come to ironman austria with a sniper gun and shoot down these guys who draft. actually sniper gun is not good enough, like a really rusty pipe with nails sticking out of it.