breakthrough in art


i had a huge breakthrough in my understanding and vision of my art work.

like all breakthroughs it could be an illusion and i could loose quality or not gain any additional value, but it feels great to just get inspiration and learn more about the world and reality and how things function.

i am wondering if this new perception will help me regain my motivation necessary for more focus on art work, i will see how i will play with it in next few months. i also think it is good for art not to be focused as it seems that all people who try hard mostly produce bad boring stuff (with exceptions of one in a million). hard work, contrary to ironman training, does not produce results. efficiency of genius takes advantage.

however when the art product captures the attention it should be necessary to have the ability to react quickly with hyper production until some point of saturation and than lower that production to manipulate the price. or something like that. this is super generalized and very superficial, i am just writing without any thinking. whatever…

my breakthrough is about a narrative which might help me connect my work into something more interesting, instead of having it divided into many fragments. i always bugged so many other artists how unsatisfied i was about their work because it is fragmented, not connected in one whole. also this narrative which connects it should be archetypical, old, solid, should have roots in your basic life details that originate from god knows when. sort of like: i farted when i was 6 and i was emberassed so that is why frodo saves the middle earth.

this is what people love and this is how things work well. narrative, big narrative, which connects a bunch of fun details. immediate entertainment with a universe of its own. hard to explain. finally when i have the idea how it should be built i can start building it.

maybe it will take me a decade maybe few weeks, i will see how my energy works.

however, i can convinced this makes a difference between cute and great, although i am not saying i will or i am great, just that this system offers a possibility. greatness is always in details and that is something else, even if you follow the system step by step you can still fuck up everything.

would someone care about frodo if he was not part of a bigger picture… or achilles…

just few thoughts…