brian droitcour article on rhizome Brian Droitcour

brian droitcour came and stayed with me, i was open with him and told him pretty much anything that came to my mind. he picked 5 most ugly things i said and built a stereotype around it, forgot the other 900 things i said which are great. maybe he is an angry kind of guy who likes to stereotype people badly. maybe he just does not care.

for some reason he included me in his article for rhizome.

he clumsily combined my art works with my company projects. i clearly said i was against this and he did not respect it.

he classified me geographically which is something i am fighting against my whole my life – i lived in a bunch of places and i am sure i do not belong to any with my work. what is the point of this stupid retarded fucking idiotic geographical categorization of art, especially if its virtual.

he even named my projects badly in the post. am i lucky he actually got my name right?

and he related me to people i have not spoken to in a decade. is this his imagination based on some bizarre snippets of chit chats we had while he stayed over here.

i have met journalists who sort of take liberty and journalists who just don’t know better, but brian droitcour is for me a whole new level of “lets do it quickly and get it over with so i can send something in 5 mins”.

to make matters worst i had no idea he was going to write about me and that stuff i was saying are going to end up on a portal. what is this? a guy asked me for a place to stay, i relaxed with him, thinking he is one of 100 artists who travel these parts and im always happy to have someone over. next thing i know this guy is like a journalist or something and he writes stuff i chatted to him on an art portal.

when i wrote about someones work i would usually check it with them or at least let them know i am working on a piece about their work and about them, so they can present information properly. this guy was totally undercover and unprofessional.

i kindly request rhizome to take this article off.

this is not the way to present someone’s work and categorize it and present it to god knows how many 10s of thousands of readers world wide.