brion nuda rosch

i got an email from a guy or girl called brion nuda rosch. it is a strange name and his emails are strange. all his websites are strange. it all seems like broke diy paranoid kind of stuff but could be work of someone who is too intense or too relaxed.

in either case it is hardly anything that i will make money from.

after a short email exchange i asked directly:

“you sound strange
are you serius or you are joking around?”

and he or she, i can not really tell from the name, replied:

“funny i was thinking the same about you”

than i said

“if there is no money i can only offer that you take something from my website and use it, i can not produce a new piece”

i was trying to do something but i really can not do stuff for free, also being related to galleries and curators and artists who enjoy being broke is not good. it is not my goal (obviously) to make money by selling art but still i am not in a stage in my life in which i want to be associated with moneyless communist type of projects (take communism as a metaphore, not literarly please!).

anyway he replied:

“I would be happy to promote your efforts, and will do so on one of my sites soon,
Please feel free to promote my efforts as well”

ok, so after few days, today, while i drove on the highway, i got an idea to write this post and do my side of this bizarre bargain of promotion exchange with this weird sounding curator. i have no idea who it is or what he/she is about. maybe it is someone with power and i like power if i can get some rubbed of me, maybe it is someone with no power who is just confused or just bored. whatever.

i felt this pressure that i have to do SOME promotion and i did it, i think i did it well. you, the reader, will, i guess, remember this guys/girls name or at least this post.

i don’t know.

it’s late…