business is easy

nikola tosic business is easy

if i analyze my life i had interest periods: design, art, sport.

each time it takes me a year or two to get into it, then i do something and stabilize at some level.

each time it is more and more complex and i keep the knowledge from other periods.

now i am into business.

i am truly fascinated with it.

it is the most amazing human activity.

complexity is about 1 million times bigger than design, art and sport. it can not even be compared how much more challenging it is.

however there is always a pattern and i am at 90% figuring it out.

maybe it is more complex because i still do not have 100% of the pattern.

when i get to 100% it should appear simple.

i will try not to speak much about it until i figure out 100%.

keep in mind “much” in my case is very relative.

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