crocs shoes = world's ugliest footwear + genius marketing success

crocs shoes

first time i saw crocs “shoes” ( i thought its quite ugly but i believe in people should enjoy whatever they want to enjoy so i did not complain too much (at last according to my standards). actually did not bitch at all. the second amazing moment about crocs was the price – this one piece of rubber or whatever it is costs as much as proper shoes – like 50 euros or more. what the fuck!

i would love to meet the marketing genius who designed the worlds ugliest garden slippers from the worlds cheapest material and sold them as the worlds most expensive “whatever it is”.

martina, my girlfriend, did buy me a chinese copy of crocs flip flops (much more acceptable visually) for like 10% of the original price.

why am i writing this? i do not know… who cares about crocs anyway…


someone just called them: ugly plastic elf shoe – that’s cool