damien hirst and rafael rozendaal: art that makes sense to me

damien hirst rafael rozendaal

there is very few art that makes sense to me:

one is damien hirst art.

after i read several books while on the toilet, and after i have digested a lot of his stuff over many years i finally agree that his art makes a lot of sense to me and he seems like a real artist.

what is a real arist? well i do not know. people used to tell me i am a real artist and it made sense to me. but i can not explain it. i think first it is someone who is independent, does not kiss ass etc. most people kiss ass by default, they do not get it, while damien hirst does not do that, or so it seems from where i am standing, which probably means that it is like that.

another guy who’s work makes perfect sense is rafael rozendaal.

i mean i would like to put miltos manetas here, as well, as his work is also great. but at this moment, at this millisecond, rafael is the guy who makes sense to me and miltos does not make so much sense to me. miltos made some works which do not live up to the standard and rafael has kept producing great shit for a while now. maybe i need to check their work again but that is how it seems to me now.

so i can say that damien hirst and rafael rozendaal are greatest artists of today.

damien needs to do nothing, while rafael is kind of young and needs maybe a decade more to get more angry and focused. but i think they are close to each other.

miltos being the third best artist in the world and the guy who “discovered” rafael rozendaal.

miltos has done some quite genius things and he is obviously a genius but he will never be as greta as damien and rafael because he is just too nice and maybe because he is greek.

damien is british which is perfect, rafael is dutch which is almost perfect (worst than british, better than greek).

keep an eye on rafael and damien.