dan hugo won again, and i was there

dan hugo xterra triathlete

woke up at 6:45 am

had a coffee and answered emails for 30 mins

ran 70mins at 4:35 min / km pace – beautiful run, next to the atlantic ocean, morning ocean air, so fresh, such good light and energy

packed up my parents and martina in a car, drove them to gordon’s bay to the beach, went on to grabouw to see dan hugo race

i arrived at the start line some 30 secs before the start enough to take few photos of him concentrating

was there when he finished (made a cool video of him running the last kilometer)

so nice to be part of his team, even if its just doing some little design or giving some tips and making websites and stuff like this.

dan really appreciates it and does the right things and this motivates me very much to do my work properly. what more could i ask?

at 3pm went back to gordon’s bay, left martina on the beach with my parents, came back to grabouw to chat to some people and try a chiropractor – so good this treatment, it got rid of my back main instantly.

then came back again to gordon’s bay, picked up parents and martina, left my parents in center of stellenbosch, joined dan’s party in moyo.

met super nice people at the party, got a bit tipsy, ate a ton of meat of course.

10pm drove back to stellenbosch, picked up my parents, drove back to cape town.

12:44pm wrote this post.

nice day in south africa!

4 towns, 2 beaches, some 30 cool people, 1 south african champion, lots of meet, 2 glasses of wine, two massages, 1 chiropractor, 1 run on the ocean promenade, 1 chicken burger, 1 mega strong sunburn on my chest in the stupid shape of my v-neck t-shirt.

tomorrow again…