dangers of medical tourism in serbia

serbian dentist

there has been an increase in marketing of medical tourism in serbia, so i felt obliged to write this post.

serbian doctors, especially dentists, are cashing in from foreign clients.

people fly in from usa, germany and similar places to fix their teeth, get plastic surgery, etc…

i do not think there is a difference in basic quality between work done here and elsewhere – for basic medical needs knowledge and equipment are present. actually serbian private services can be quite rich and well trained.

problem is in general attitude and atmosphere in medical services in serbia:

first, if something goes wrong there is pretty much nothing you can do.

governing body for dental services in serbia almost do not function and most definitely do not care.

you can not file a complaint, or better said: you can file a complain but no one will do anything about it.

if a dentist ruins your teeth you have to deal with this on a personal level, there is no respect for regulation.

also, locals will support locals, and a foreigner is only seen as a cash cow.

if things go smooth great, if you make trouble, no one cares and the sooner they get rid of you the better.

attitude of most medical service people in serbia is just not on the level.

they are mostly corrupt and just look for a quick buck.

there is no interest in offer the best service or doing research – it is all about quick and easy money.

medical tourism by default never was and never will be a good service.

it will only attract people who are interested in quick money but who were not good enough to succeed in regular channels.

for them, you are good as your wallet.

everybody will be polite if you are an easy customer.

as soon as you are trouble, in any possible way, be careful.

also, their economic calculations are not smart and are badly based on quick client cycle – they want you in and out quickly so they make more cash.

as soon as there is a delay, their calculations alert them of a problem and you can be kicked out.

goal is not to help people but get their money.

finally, the prices are not that different from more regulated places. even compared to uk prices here are not so cheaper. you do not get 50% savings but maybe 10-20%.

the price is lower simply due to lack of regulation which benefits the service provider and passes huge risk on customer.

medical tourism providers are maybe the worst kind of medical services, ones that lour desperate clients with promise of cheap service but have no respect for regulation which allows systemic growth of society or have no care for the client.

it pays off to pay double in a properly regulated country, where legal system works, rather than to take risks in a country where service providers have no respect for the regulation.

as a consumer you are risking enormously for small savings.