definition of a genius

i was meaning to write this article for a while so i will do it only in a super hurry now, and elaborate on it a bit later. there are three types of geniuses that i recognized so far: almost genius, genius and super genius.

almost genius is someone who makes great stuff but is not independent and sells out for attention. maybe one in every 10.000 people. example is ceo of ibm or some famous film director. whoever is super powerful in the now.

genius is someone who makes great stuff but is independent of outside influences like attention. even though she/he uses the influences to build his own thing she/he is still not dependent on it. maybe one in every 10.000.000 people. example is stanley kubrick.

super genius makes nothing. she/he is too advanced to have interest in making anything. nirvana. even if she/he would make anything it would be too advanced to be recognized, understoor and accepted. no examples, we will never know abot them.

super genius should however not be confused with some crazy guy who talks nonsense. almost genius should not be confused with die hard wannabes. genius should be confused with almost genius.

these are just some silly random thoughts. i spend a lot of time training alone so i get these ideas. its entertaining to think about it and write it down. that’s all.

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