definition of bad style

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we all have similar negative reactions to certain types of behavior.

we can refer to those types of behavior as bad style.

for example:

– screaming at a staff

– cheating your wife with a teen

– buying luxury goods

sometimes, when we understand the causes of these types of behavior, we change our mind.

and we do not see them as bad style anymore.

i was thinking what is bad style.

simple definition would be:

bad style is a feeling people have when they see high subjective behavior.

when we see a person unable to control their basic need impulses.

we as a species value a plan.

that what kept us healthy.

bad style might be a basic method of control which limits impulsive behavior.

is a tie badly matched with socks a species method of filtering good decision makers who deserve our attention?

or am i stretching it a bit too much…

what do you think?