domain names i had and lost

i owned following domain names:

and i do not own them anymore. please do not ask me how i lost them. my heart hurts. these are great property and i lost it… like loosing some super good real estate. i am an idiot.

nikola tosic martina milenkovic

however, a friend of mine told me she had in early or mid 90s and sold it for less than 10.000$. if i am to trust her, and i have no reason not to, her case always make me feel better about my loss.

even if this is not true i like to think of it as true because nothing sooths my misery more than someone else’s even greater misery?

since we are talking about domain names… i always get some bits of info from kenneth and his saga with

check out the latest educational sticker as well and it’s particular focus on domain names :)

my favorite domain name i own is i want to fart as well but i am afraid i might shit but i doubt i will sell this one and retire.