don't mess with the russians

russian bear

i haver never met any russians. russians i came close to were badly dressed, loud and twice as big as i am.

i am the smallest serb i ever met, so i am used to big people around me, but russians i met were very big.

few days ago i spoke to a friend on skype and i was checking google maps and i just realized how big russia actually is. it is very very very big. kazakhstan is as big as europe and it looks like suburb of moscow. russia is like bigger than entire earth almost. thats how big it is and thats very big!

saudis and arabs are messing around with well oiled lobbying in usa and badly designed pr on mass media, europeans are pretending that knowing good cheese and wine is important (they try to explain it to chinese hoping it will be a good market one day – like chinese will not copy it in about half a day if they see money in it), americans are just trying to balance the whole mess of being on top, trying to keep that position just for another few years… and what are russians doing?

they never sold me anything and their movies suck, but it seems like they do not really care. if they would care they would just take over europe (again) and make me buy their stuff.

do not mess with the russians! sleeping giant!