eclectic yesterday

nikola tosic aleksandar sorensen

– was asked to write a poem for a literary magazine

– skyped with a german triathlete who wants me to coach him

– wrote a poem

– ran 6 x 1000m at 3:37 average, while listening to justin timberlake and lady gaga

– edited three posters for a science conference in belgium

– finished a website on sports creams

– additionally spoke to two people in italy, one person in denmark

– did a 45min workout in the gym during which i listened to pendulum and watched at girls’ asses and tits

– ate two salads

– redesigned by poetry book cover

– made an appointment for dentist

– lunch salad i ate while watching movie the jacket while i chatted to one of my clients cto about drupal

– i saved a baby seal from a nuclear blast

– waited for my sister to come from italy to say hi

– have written about 20 emails

thats all i can remember for now…