embassy of piracy???

embassy of piracy

neen artists are producing embassy of piracy for the venezia art biennial.

the idea of the embassy of piracy is about freedom of internet and right to copy or something like that. it sounds very much like emotional manipulative political propaganda which usually goes with anti-globalism and bunch of other political semi-ideologies.

first – pirates are thieves and, since i was robbed many times recently, i am not fond of promoting any idea of anyone stealing anything.

second – copyright is a very complex legal concept and it is something that should be improved by people who understand law, business and politics. i have not met one artists who has a proper clue about copyright.

i mean, just visit any african township street fair and you will see that all these people have are their aesthetics and if the copyright is taken away from them, they are left at zero. this is why they will always attack you if you take photos of their artworks, same as you are not allowed to take photos of high fashion shop windows.

i would not know if anything is wrong with copyright, i would need few years of reading and studying to figure out what is wrong, but if there is anything wrong i would say that the worst thing is to create some kind of call for freedom emotional campaign which is still based on communist manifesto propaganda from centuries ago.

nothing sells like freedom and lets fight the rich statements.

reality is – most people who do fight against copyright usually do work in advertising, publishing and similar fields which are mostly protected by or related to intellectual rights.

being friends with anti-globalists, anti-copyright, anti-pollution, anti-whatever is an easy and quick way to get popular. most of these people are die hards and welcome anything or anyone who supports them. people involved in this are angry and do not read the fine print or between the lines (generalization like this could be wrong in some cases but i believe it still is applicable!). as long as it looks like something we need we will take it. that is how you get popular.

i never understood this kind of political art – art asking for some global change. i do not understand any changes that are focusing on masses and groups – it always seem like a scam or something. i can understand talking to people on individual personal level.

i do not know if neen lost its way or something, it is starting to be more and more like a bunch of communists who work for ad agencies (get the best of both worlds).