facts about serbs

ana ivanovic

found some funny facts about serbs, bellow are translations:

you know you are a serb if…

…on your own wedding you know at most 1/3 of the guests.

…father calls you an idiot if you can not do the stuff he can not do either.

…you have more alcohol drinks in your home than a local bar does.

…there is at least one cousin with whom entire family does not talk to.

…your calendar has images of saints.

…you think everything is some kind of a conspiracy.

…when you meet foreigners first thing you do is teach them swears.

…your father always has back pain.

…your grandmother never accepts the fact you are not hungry.

…you have to constantly convince your mother her cooking is best in the world.

…you mostly tell jokes based on your tragedy.

…you are jobless yet you drive a bmw.

…when expression “do not laugh so much, you will cry” makes sense.

…entire loaf of bread is eaten at every meal.

…week after christmas and easter you are still eating holiday leftovers.

…girls around you look 23, but are 15 actually.

…in your garage you have 120 liters of brandy and about half a ton of useless junk.

…everybody you know snores.

…your cousins complain they are broke yet they have the most expensive cell, travel non stop and wear branded clothing.

…at least once you were stuck in a broken elevator.

…when you ask “why?” and people answer “fuck it!”

…when you call everybody you meet “brother”.

…when all above was funny.

i classify for maybe 90% of above. very funny.