fashion tips

following are some fashion and design tips which can maybe inspire you into a higher state of coolness:

dead pigs

if you are to arrange a bunch of dead pigs this is not a way to do it. i strongly recommend you arrange them in an alphabetical order, from top to bottom, parallel to the side walls.

miss fitness

a bit too much tan but with so much tan even the darkest teeth look white so it is your choice.

mickey mouse

mickey mouse has been dressing the same way for hundred years. i am happy to find this image of him dressed a bit more formally (at least with a shirt on). when you are meeting an important business person or your partners parents i suggest to follow mickey’s style. it is a sure go.

dead soldiers

why would someone put an image of dead soldiers online? this is horrible. i found this on google image search. if you are in combat there is always a chance to be killed. i suggest to copy what movie soldiers do – always try to be different with little details like drawings on helmets and such stupid things. any detail which can define your identity beyond boring military uniformity is good. at least die in style.


why so serious? show more tits!


almost perfect! two problems: no naked women and no dinosaurs.