few businesses by my friends

here are few businesses that my friends manage – if you can support their business by buying their products and services:

tagbanger (los angeles) – excellent t-shirts by rafael rozendaal and jonathan maghem – i got each and every t-shirt they made so now i have something like 15 t-shirts so i ended up wearing only tagbanger for almost 18 months or so and i never get neither bored or uncomfortable. check out photos of me wearing tagbanger t-shirts here. they don’t have ecommerce so email them to figure out how to buy – more info at tagbanger.com.

hulger (london) – coolest phone thing ever by nick roope – you can walk down the street and answer your phone with a hulger handset as if you were back home in 1991. it reminds me when none of us had mobile phones. we were all kids and would call each other at home, someone’s parents would answer the phone and we would ask if he/she was there. if not we would leave messages. always these messages. now you can revisit these memories at least through a handset. more at hulger.com.

arhel (novi sad) – dejan curcic is a good friend with whom i will always argue – his dream was to “sell” his web development company in novi sad and he finally did it few months ago. now his company is part of some dutch web technology network or whatever, he gets a steady salary and does not need to worry too much about sales. if you need web development (java etc) get in touch with him. more at arhel.com.

posaosada.com (belgrade)- tanja is die-hard dedicated mother who is trying to get a real dot com thing happening in serbia – this kind of dedication has to be appreciated. if you need to find work in serbia just visit her posaosada.com (jobnow.com). don’t worry about the ugly design, we will change that soon as i am helping her a bit. what matters is that she is honest, dedicated and persistent, and most important – she believes in her project.

these are just few business by some of my friends. i will add more as time passes. i think its important for friends to support each other businesses as much as possible. people often forget to do that. little support by everyone goes a long way. also people who do make a decision to start a business always risk a lot so they can use any help they can get.