few thoughts about copenhagen

nikola ap aleksandar copenhagen

i burned through like 700 euros / 1000 usd in first few days. clearly a place to work but not party.

its only -10C but feels like -30C.

i did one run where for 75 mins i only felt super cold all the time.

people are great.

the style is about being modest and small, coming from cultures like serbia, italy, france, to denmark is challenging. there is nothing golden, big or colorful. this is not bad, its different, one needs to enter the culture, as the culture is not in your face.

contrary to what everybody is trying to convince me danish are very welcoming, open and friendly. everybody i met so far was like this and this is not filtered only by aleksandar and his friends.

visited louisiana but due to the cold and snow was not able to experience the sculpture garden. interesting to see how a danish museum handles the challenge of a rich international collection. they need more books there.

restaurants seem to be very stressed about the number of people reservations are for, seems reservations here are done far more in advance and are very precise, or at least restaurants try to create this image.

girls are very pretty and friendly – always a big plus of course.

meet in a nice restaurant is going great. very cool people. one needs to dig into them.

very glad i am experience copenhagen and denmark with aleksandar.

soon more…