first day at the new office

jtt belgrade office

i just spent the first day in the new office for my business.

we hired two – as we call them – senior product engineers.

they are working on a product i wanted to make many years ago.

i always believe this product really makes a difference for consumers.

everything is good: product, client, money, people.

the first day was great.

i made a little starting package for them:

– white shirt

– postit

– notebook

– pen

– business cards with their name on it

– motivational letters from my partners and client

– one super crazy letter from me in style of less grossman

– big envelope with goodies

also we had a nice party so they meet people on the top floor, i ordered way too many pizzas.

i was quite tired after some 4 hours of talking and meeting and organizing stuff.

there is a nice rafael rozendaal poster and a fax from vignelli to decorate the office.

very exciting.

everybody starts SMALL but not everybody starts with STYLE.

this office is for making great products.

check out the photos on flickr.