franjo mihalic, 91 year old coach

franjo mihalic

this is franjo mihalic aka miha, 91 year old running coach.

i took a photo this morning on partizan stadium.

miha was coaching a teenager through a running workout.

the kid was doing stair reps and i heard miha say:

“you did 63secs, it is ok, but you need to do sub 60secs, that starts to be fast.”

super cool.

do no let those 3secs pass by without a comment.

no messing around with miha even though he is 91.

i myself had a great workout even though i am super fat at 70kg.

i ran 50km in last month but somehow pulled a 10 x 1000m @ 3:55 average with 90sec rest.

then made athlete i coach – dragan – finish off with a 3000m tempo just to explain the idea of pacing.

there is nothing harder in running than maintaining a steady pace.

you can be fit for 3:45/km on 21km but it still is super hard to run 4:00/km like a robot in a training session.

everybody wants to run 3:20/km… that is too easy, you just go hard and finish hard.

try running a medium tempo for an hour – super hard.

what would miha say?

he would not let those few secs pass by without a comment.

great sunday morning…