freedom, slavery, and everything in between rant

definition of freedom

this is a rant – make an effort to get something out of it.


what is freedom?

freedom means you can do whatever you want, as long as you do not restrict someone else’s freedom.

slavery is total opposite of freedom.

fully free person can do whatever she wants.

slave is a property of someone else who controls everything she does.


is democracy freedom?

democracy is popularly advertised as freedom, but it is not.

it is more free and less restrictive than some systems, but it is far from freedom.

it is popularly refer to as totalitarianism of the majority.

also, in most cases, voting is done for representatives and not projects.

this is a clever way to generalize voting and diminish voter’s freedom but provide the illusion of control.

project requirements can not be changed, representative can make other decisions to those hunted by voters.


who is enslaving us?

many think they are free, but this is an illusion.

whoever punishes you for breaking the rules which go against your freedom, enslaves you.

whoever awards you for obeying the rules which go against your freedom, enslaves you.


why is there no freedom?

resources aka capital are limited.

we are all competing for them, one way or the other.

restricting freedom minimizes competition for resources.

if everybody is free, then there is much more competition.

it is much easier to accumulate resources by partially restricting freedom to most.

meaning, it is better to restrict some freedom to 99% of people than to fully restrict freedom to 10%.

or… 1/4-slavery is much more effective method of minimizing competition.