works again

i recently upgraded my server and i had to move all my domai names to a new ip. for various reasons, a blog i produce and host for life-sentenced inmate george martorano, has been down.

george martorano is sentenced to life in prison some 24 years ago. you can read the story of his life here. the important thing is that these days he finally got a chance for a hearing and one man was to decide on his destiny. exactly in this time i was switching servers and his site went down. it was probably the worst possible moment.

after god knows how many emails to god knows how many people i figured out all the stuff i need to do to get his IPs updated and get his site working. i was under constant pressure that this was the most important part of george’s life while i was messing it up.

hopefully its all cool now and website is up. you can see it at

i hope it works out for george. i have been in touch with him for many years now and i have been working on his blog for a while now. i think it is a unique project to produce a blog for an inmate, especially one like george is. you have to realize that he writes his blog posts through letters as he does not have computer access in the prison.