gavin noble on lance armstrong doping confession

gavin noble


one of my favorite irishmen, gavin noble, was interviewed on the subject of lance armstrong doping confession.



i disagree with this favorite irishmen of mine on the zero tolerance / no second chance policy.

just because some people abuse the second or third chance, does not mean we should not give it.

i will always believe in second, and third, and fourth chance.

it does not mean that those who try to abuse it and cheat again will pass.

in my experience, cheaters will try to cheat many times, before they get it that it is simpler not to cheat.

so not giving them at least several chances will not help them.

think about that gav!

ps because i believe in second chance, i always supported george martorano.

i just do not believe in life bans, life sentences, death penalties and an of that kind of nonsense.