george martorano might be free

george martorano

years ago i made a website

i wanted to support george martorano’s release from prison.

i met george through his niece, my friend from italy – blakey ross.

reason why i do this is that i am appalled by death and life in prison sentences.

i think both should be excluded from law anywhere in the world.

thanks to blakey george martorano case just jumped in my lap and i was happy to be involved.

i do not do much these days appart fix a bug or host the website.

in time however i grew friendly with george, few letters were exchanged, and i consider him a friend.

tomorrow he is having a hearing and he might even be free.

after 27 years!

i hope he is released so we can finally do real work.

i think he has a lot of potential as a speaker, writer and consultant.

someone who has went through life he has must have a lot of unique wisdom to share.

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