george orwell: why i write

i got a small book with george orwell’s essays. i am not sure if i read the whole book or not since i jump back and forth a lot. some parts i might have read several times while i some i might have missed. overall i enjoyed the book.

i do not know much about george orwell. i liked the cartoon based on his animal farm and a movie with john hurt based on his 1984. i loved that movie actually. never read his books. i am not so much into fiction.

but i enjoyed his essays. he is down to the point and practical. he also sets some rules about writing in english with which i have to only agree. although i noticed he breaks his own rules sometimes but still he is correct 99% of the time.

george orwell seams like someone i would like to spend some time with. the strongest sentiment while i read the book was that i felt sorry he is dead and that i could never meet him and talk to him, or at least email or skype with him. i think this kind of person would require more time to get to know, to relax with, but it would be a good investment.

i am not sure if he is against or for communism, or what he actually wants. i think this is because of my skipping back and worth. but anyway, he seams like a cool guy.

also it is refreshing to know that someone sometime was able to figure out how much bullshit there is in politics, media and such things (besides hitler).