gmail fail, google aps fail, fail

gmail fail

gmail fail & google aps fail

i started using gmail for my work. i would install google aps on my server and set up emails for each of my brands. little did i know that every few weeks google comes up with something new which totally messes up how these accounts work together. result is at least one or two hours trying to read through unbelievably unclear explanations offered by google, filling in forms, only to return to something simple like log in, read email, reply, log out.

i just spent 30 mins logging in and out of my accounts in desperate attempt to understand why i am constantly kicked out, why i am asked to provide my name and address for milionth time, why i have to receive their sms with new passwords. nothing makes sense.

just make it simple: i open an account, i log in, check email, reply, log out.

why is this so difficult in 2011? fail

i had one account with my email at from before. i bought kindle. i registered with same email but used a different password. suddenly, believe it or not, i have two accounts, both with same email but with different passwords. wtf!

it makes no sense whatsoever. how can i have two accounts under one username?


luckily these companies do not make medicine and airplanes.

and while i wrote this all my gmail accounts again kicked me out and i have to log in for 10th time in last 10 mins. i guess i will spend all day logging in.

what a nightmare.

give me back squirel email from 90s, it worked just fine.

and someone please stop google plus emails, please please stop. get me out of this google hell. i am so happy at least my photos are on flickr which does not decide to change things every three weeks. google has some serious identity and product crisis which has been going on from the day they stopped being an input form with a search button.