gotta love comments

ron burgundy well that escalated quickly

i love randomness of online commenting.

i am reading a post called:

Urban Freeride Is Not Dead

first comment is:

Pfft! Urban Freeride never dies for me. Nothing better then going out on the town alone at night, with just your ipod a few bros and some bikes.

then, of course, it escalates.

second comment:

alone at night with a few bros ?????????????????

third comment:

it’s called ‘dogging’

fifth comment:

Bro’s before Hoes right? Doesn’t matter who’s given BJ’s just as long as your gettin’ em

sixth comment:

Head’s head man.

seventh comment:

sheesh, that got dark quick.

eight comment:

I think the expression is ‘Pussy is pussy’ because that actually implies a female