having guests

Nikola Tosic comodore Zagreb

probably the biggest damage we had from meeting brian is our loss of faith in having guests. my girlfriend for one did not like this guy who never bought us a cup of coffee and would just rush into the bathroom without asking, and just went and wrote a horrible article about me (and us in fact).

after years of great experiences with guests we had to run into an idiot like brian.

luckily i made obligations to host people much sooner than brian came over. i share my space with martina and she was very much against this. she did not like brian and she was not very happy about having new guests.

but we just hosted for two days a pair of swiss cyclists who are doing a cycle tour from ticino to istanbul, and they were awesome. i just did a short ride with them, sort of farewell, towards south serbia, and we parted on the road, they continued down to istanbul and i returned alone to belgrade. very nice experience! i will write more about it these days.

i also spent some time with a manager and a coach from south african swimming team, brett i know from stellenbosch. it was great to see someone from south africa come here finally!

it is always a pleasure to host normal people who will not write crap about us in media the next week.

i am happy martina enjoyed having guests again, it really is the best thing in the summer, people who pass through on their travels. some are nasty, most are great, but everybody is welcome.

now i am off to meet another guest – a dutch guy who is lost in the belgrade center. i will show the city center for third time in last 48 hours!