how to succeed

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what is the secret to success?

you can narrow it down into one basic quality – openness.

many people who have talent, resources, discipline…

but they close and are unable to see the next thing, the next connection, the next step.

probably the biggest cause of closing is arrogance.

one small success, one small project, a bit of extra cash, few more compliments… and you close.

if you want to ruin someone reward them for something basic, something stupid, give them compliments.

for sure you will make their life worst then it could have been.

if you reward a guy who digs holes he will actually believe you this is a good job.

it will take him a decade to figure it out its not.

reward and compliments are powerful things.

people close up and do not think about the next thing.

in average i offer something to 3-5 people a week. something i think it can change their situation.

not dramatically but some change yes.

but they can not see it and mostly because they have been rewarded to be stuck.

if i could figure out a way to open people again, and quickly, i would be a saint probably.

this is the biggest task for anyone.

god tried it with jesus and it took so much time and he is still struggling.


be open, do not be arrogant, and do not trust the rewards.

there are no rewards that are general. rewards always focus on something specific.

to be really rewarded you need to get 100 rewards and that will never happen.

do not be arrogant, be open.

i know it is super hard.