i could be a spy

anna chapman

several russian spies have been arrested.

i have a normal reaction of fear after after years of listening about guantanamo.

now that i am a bit older, spies’ descriptions seem extremely close to me.

anna chapman worked in netjets.

i know people in netjets.

maybe i am a spy.

netjets flies a lot of usa vips.

connection between netjets and a spy is not pleasant.

anna also has russian online startups, again something i am not far from.

christopher metsos has something to do with cyprus.

so do i.

there is a special relationship between russia – cyprus – usa during last 15 years.

and especially in relationship to serbia during recent wars.

one of my nekada incorporations was in cyprus, never did anything with it but still.

i did not do anything out of the ordinary, nothing another 100.000 small businesses did at that time from these places.

vicky pelaez is an anti-usa blogger.

i am not anti-usa, but i can imagine that someone can see my writing as such sometimes.

i can make some kind of a strange weird joke i usually do and someone can easily classify it as anti-usa.

i am amazed how come i am not arrested.

probably because i am not a spy.

but you never know.

i am certainly weird enough to easily be presented as a spy.

or maybe i dream of being so important.

i was voted “most likely to be a russian spy” for my usa high school year book.

anna champan looks good.