investigating the truth

polygraph test robert de niro

the truth is the most important thing.

truth like “what is the true antidote for a poison” can save our life.

truth like “invest in this business and not in that” can change the quality of our life.

the truth is the most valuable commodity.

can it be maybe called by other names like fact, knowledge?

knowledge might not be best because there can be a lot of knowledge but little of it can be the truth.

fact could be same as the truth.

problem is not how to call it in english, but how do we get it?

whole human society can be seen as one big attempt in discovery and distribution of the truth.

religion is one way to find the truth.

science is another.

education is one way to get the truth.

formal and self education.

we are also bombarded with truth every day by everybody.

other people keep telling us their own conclusions non stop.

sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

we follow authority because we do not have the energy to do our own research.

we love authority.

it makes things easy.

also distorting with the truth is one of the most important human activities.

if you invest 100 years and 100 billion euros in a making poisonous toothpaste there is no turning back.

better try distorting the truth by fiddling with authority than starting over with non-poisonous toothpaste.

again the problem of resistance to the change.

such changes can take centuries but they do happen.

the truth is out there :)