is this the best times of my life?

nikola tosic businessman vs artist meme

my parents are alive, healthy and are laughing at jokes.

my girlfriend is still great looking and i love her a lot every day.

i have not fucked up any friendships that i can not fix with one phone call.

my partners are just awesome.

i work with people who really care about every little detail they do.

i work for people for whom, in spite of our ever lasting arguments about trivialities, i am happy if they succeed and proud to be part of their path.

i owe nothing, i own everything i need.

i have enough cash to buy that weird designed jacket any time i want, but not enough cash that i have to work on it.

i am not in the best shape of my life but i am around 5-10% of my personal bests which is quite good.

i still have decent amount of hair on my head, my front teeth are more or less fine, i do not have hair on my back and i still manage a sick pack.

if i diet for two weeks i will look good enough for any beach.

i am almost perfectly healthy and that will probably not change.

i make a living doing exactly the things i have always wanted to do and loved doing.

i enjoy writing poetry and i occasionally do art… people tell me they like it and it makes them feel good, which is great.

i coach people in sports and they progress and enjoy it, it makes their life better and i get to see that quite clearly.

i am not particularly successful in business but i am enjoying the relative success i have, and it is more than i ever expected.

what else?

i think that is it, i am doing quite well in spite of world crisis, aging, diseases, human condition and political instabilities.

i could do with kids and few more details, but i am doing fine.