january 2013 report

two gifts

on 1 january 2013 i started keeping a diary.

here is some interesting info:

– i bought 2 gifts, which are approx 8% of my total expenses,

– i have been more than 10 times in a cafe, most of it was in the cafe closest to my office and home,

– i bought products from following global brands: armani, nike, apple, stefanel, google, and casio,

– i spent more than 12% of my total expenses on gas,

– i have eaten in restaurants 14 times, 11 of them costing under 10 euros,

– i eat either fast food or in five star hotels. i choose hotels because of non smoking areas,

– i paid for two freelance services: massages and property estimation.


– i buy gifts regularly,

– each month i spend on various freelance services, but choice changes monthly,

– i shop most global and popular brands,

– i spend a lot on gas,

– i eat out a lot, but it seems not to be as big cost as i expected.