joe biden to visit belgrade

joe biden

usa vice president joe biden will visit belgrade today.

i hope no one shoots him.

i mean, democrats have bombed serbia (small country in europe) while republicans have bombed a bunch of arab countries in middle east. its a thing each party does. since i am in serbia, my family is here and i own some property, i am not happy about democrats having power – no matter how good obama’s and gore’s etc campaign managers are.

at the end of the day its business as usual for these party leaders and democrats are AGAIN doing stuff around our parts.

i mean, george bush could not care less about balkans, he was into big business with arabs and oil and all that, but democrats always have to pretend they are nice so they stop wars in obvious places and start wars in really weird places. problem is democrat’s wars are kind of super messed up and create a several decade mess. i mean no one can blame only one side for everything, i am just annoyed how people know very little about actual politics and focus only on super vague campaign advertising.

so… i hope no one shoots biden today, cause if someone tries it, and we all know there must be like 1000 people in belgrade who are crazy to try it, we will get bombed again.

or even worst biden might have hired someone to shoot around him so it is an excuse for another bombing. i would not be surprised.

that is how world war one started and maybe world war three will start.

biden will place flowers on the place where one of serbia’s most progressive presidents was shot and this again is a great place to be shot again.

let us all hope no one tries to kill joe biden today in belgrade…

if someone even tries to do something about biden in belgrade we are seriously fucked for another decade, and since i have maybe another 3 decades to live i really do not want to fuck around with war for one third of my remaining life. had enough of it, was fun, we need to move on… do business, have kids, do sports, make art, get drunk, have fun and all that…

you know…?