josip broz tito nostalgia

josip broz tito

visiting museum of yugoslav history makes me feel nostalgic.

there is a long display of gifts tito received.

some of the gifts are from other statesmen, some are from his people.

the ones from his people have been smartly selected to be nostalgic.

i can not escape feel immense emotion these people felt for their leader.

they loved him, they wanted him well, they believed in him.

tito actually did change their lives for better and they had no reason to doubt him.

he has proven he was worthy.

such a strong emotional connection between them and tito.

it is a form of love hard to relate to other forms of love.

i can feel it when i see their gifts to him.

i can visit this museum only once or twice a year, otherwise it is too much emotions for me.

usually museums are a cold display of power.

this one – for me – is very passionate.

i do not know who tito was.

i was a child when he died.

this is a world in which my grand parents matured and to which my parents were born.

i wish to believe yugoslavia was a wonderful place…

corrupted only later?

good things do not last long.

the emotions work, nostalgia kicks in.

so much power in only few objects.

the power of these gifts is more than any weapon.

it is a weapon.

i feel it.