knowledge, content and laziness

newton william blake

people i know know great things.

by great things i mean things that can inspire and change.

by change i mean increase quality gradually or at last instantly entertain.

these people are lazy and do not share their knowledge.

humans are lazy.

the point of civilization is that this knowledge is passed into content and then preserved?

this is the only way that we do not learn things over and over again.

there is a belief that there is already too much content.

my impression is that there is so little content.

a lot of “bad” content is being produced.

bad content is related to quick effects and then it disapears.

high quality content survives milleniums.

both are necessary.

wise person learns from both good and bad content.

wise person learns from everything.

so there is no bad content?

content is public knowledge – once knowledge exists someones mind it is content.

this is not a general definition, just something i am saying in this rant to make a point.

knowledge and content are much better defined outside this rant.

point of this post is that i still meet people with useful knowledge with minimal content output.

for example my mom knows really great recipes. :)

only reason can be laziness.

laziness is a symptom of fear.

fear is human, normal.

it would be good if there was less laziness and more of this knowledge turned into content.

more is always better.

i am trying to share what i know, it must be useful for someone.

it takes some practice to figure it out.